New from MIO: SoftBowls


Better known around TreeHugger HQ for lighting (twice), 3D wallpaper and seating, MIO has expanded their range of sustainable products to include SoftBowls, a line of decorative bowls designed as planter cozies, storage containers or simple decoration. Manufactured in Philadelphia by one of the last remaining millineries in the US, each container is handmade using outmoded hat blocks and 100% molded wool. Designed as an alternative to energy intensive decorative vessels, SoftBowls provide function and beauty with a reduced energy footprint; each bowl can be made for about one-tenth of the energy required to make a comparable ceramic product. Because of their wool composition, the bowls are both recyclable and compostable, and come from a source local to the designers and manufacturing. They're brand new; the first ones will ship February 25. ::MIO Culture via ::MoCo Loco

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