New Designs from modularArts


Seattle-based modularArts have been hard at work. Since we last heard from them (we featured their custom installation at the Sony Design Center) they've sprouted a few new designs that have us looking at bare walls and drooling. "Vortex Bloom" (above, left) and "Cooper" (right) were recently added to their collection of modular TreeHugger-friendly wallcoverings; like the panels we mentioned before, these new designs are composed entirely of nontoxic mineral and do not off-gas VOC's like plastics, or formaldehyde like most MDF and many composite wood products. They are fire-code safe, containing no accelerators, retardants, or release agents, many of which contain either probable or confirmed carcinogens, and they now offer low-VOC installation kits to ensure the use of responsible, tested installation materials. The panels, which are designed as 32" squares that can be joined for an uninterrupted, continuous wallcovering, contain ingredients comparable to ceiling tiles and drywall and may be recycled at the end of their useful life. Their website showcases their full complement of designs, which range from wavy and smooth to geometric and dynamic to subtle; the hard part is picking your favorite one. ::modularArts via ::Fabulously Green

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