New Designs from Barcelona's Damaris & Marc Design

New flat-pack designs from Damaris & Marc Design in Barcelona

Following their motto "Qui no s'arrisca no pisca" ("Who doesn't dare, doesn't win"), Barcelona-based Damaris & Marc Design have launched a new line of sustainable designs. They use sustainably-forested wood and non-toxic, water-based paints and finishes to create their playful, fun and functional pieces. Equal parts artistic expression and technical creation, the designers embrace social activism as a part of their work as well; they donate a portion of their profits to humanitarian projects and have partnered with Tree-nation to plant a tree for each design sold.

"Cocoro" (above, left) is a sleek, flat-packing hall tree made from MDF and, like many of their pieces, cut with a CNC router (computer-numerically controlled, which gets the TreeHugger thumbs-up for mistake-free production and minimal waste -- read more on that in our previous coverage of Damaris & Marc). "Olam" (above, right), is a playful clock design (does anyone else see a teddy bear there?) that also employs MDF and CNC to create the eye-catching silhouette. Hit the jump to dig deeper in to their new designs. ::Damaris & Marc Design

Damaris & Marc's Box'n Green is made from sustainable wood

"Box'n Green" is a fun little side table with a removable top, designed to hide chargers and their cables, to keep the clutter down, and the sustainable style up in your home. They're currently showing their designs in Barcelona; contact them for more info.

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