New Buildings from Old Bunkers in Bremen


There are a lot of bunkers in Bremen and around Germany; after WWII most were left in their original form "due to a so-called "civil protection commitment" to keep the building free in case of an emergency requiring people to use it for protection again." After the reunification of Germany this became less of an issue, and architect Rainer Mielke was able to begin converting them into housing.

The advantages over conventional housing are immediate; "the thick walls create a special temperature in the rooms. In summer it's cool, and in winter it's warm"


The interiors are attractive too.


Cutting those windows out must have been a challenge, but how much better is this than trying to demolish the structure.


There is still a lot of opportunity in Germany for this kind of conversion;

Some 2,000 bunkers still stand in Germany, and Mielke's project could become an integral part of repurposing the cement structures.

"Our aim is to transform all of these old shelters and make them useful again," a spokeswoman for the Ministry for Citizen Protection and Disaster Response, Ursula Fuchs, told The Local

Via ArchNewsNow. See also the architect/ developer's website

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