New British Design Shown at Clerkenwell Design Week

bamboo chairs photo

Photo: B. Alter
Clerkenwell Design Week is a small design festival in the ultra-cool east end of London, where lots of architects and design firms have their offices. It's a compact and easy way to see what's new in British and international design

More than 50 designers and manufacturers launched new products and showed some that had been introduced at the Milan furniture fair in April. This simple and good looking table and chair set is made of bamboo and steel. The bamboo is laminated with a durable steel frame. They are manufactured in the UK by "a small business with big ideas". Operating efficiently with two full time staff and several freelance design partners, they are committed to making eco--friendly furniture with classic mid-century design.

felt stools photo

Photo: B. Alter

These stacking stools are made of a special birch ply composite. which is laminated on site. The company operates in the east end of London and purposely has no inventory. They make their products on demand, directly in their shop, with no packaging, no transport, no stock and no waste. They pride themselves on having a catalogue of more than 2000 products to choose from, adding finish and size options.

made peckham photo

Photo: B. Alter

This chair, from a group called Made in Peckham,is sourced, designed and built in that small area of London. The furniture is made of completely reclaimed woods which have been found in shops and on the streets of the area. The beauty is in the detail of the joinery which is done with exquisite care; there are no screws or nails, just handmade wooden dowels. The chairs are made from reclaimed hardwood and Victorian floorboards. There is also a dining room table and benches and stools made of recycled pallets. Not cheap, but given the loving care, worth the price.

love chair photo

Photo: B. Alter

This beautiful chair really is a work of art. The design is hand drawn and applied to the chair. Each one is different. The chair is made of white beech and the pencil crayon design is hand-drawn by a fashion designer. A unique and good looking one off.

branch bike photo

Photo: quarterre

Made by quarterre products, a new company consisting of four designers, this new bicycle holder is a piece of furniture and sculpture. It's an urban creation, allowing you to hang your bicycle in your apartment. Called the branchline, it is flexible: it can be leaned against the wall or can sit on the floor. Sculpted with wood and metal, its adjustable arms can be tailored to fit each bike frame's size and shape.

street bird photo

Photo: B. Alter

We were delighted to finally see these astonishing bird houses. Called Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven, it is a sculptural installation for the birds, providing (architecturally designed) spaces for shelter, nesting or feeding. They will be in place for a year. The inhabitants, which may range from bird life to butterflies, insects and worms, will be documented through the changing seasons.

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