New at Greener Lifestyles: Chaise Lounge


Seattle-based green retailers Greener Lifestyles has updated their inventory to include some suave new pieces. We noted some slick lighting they had back in 2005, and while it looks like that's been replaced with some new models, we're glad to see they still have some well-apportioned green couches and sofas that won't require a second mortgage to finance. Add to this list the chaise lounge pictured above, which has just about everything a modern TreeHugger requires from furniture (and great looks to boot): FSC-certified wood frame, natural latex rubber, organic wool and the option of kapok or recycled soda bottle-stuffed back pillows. It's strong, simple lines make it a really versatile piece that could serve as a couch in a small apartment, and would make it easy to mix-n-match furniture to go with it. Check out more at ::Greener Lifestyles via ::Apartment Therapy: Chicago

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