Neoporte Modern Door: Building Entrances to a New World

Walking through a door is a pretty routine thing; something most of us probably do numerous times a day and don't think twice about. Neoporte Modern Door wants to change that, by rebelling against cookie-cutter designs through a fusion of art and design. We think they've succeeded, by producing some very striking, eco-friendly doors. Neoporte is a certified member of the U.S. Green Building Council, using sustainable materials and environmentally conscious manufacturing; the details are itemized on their website. Based in LA, they've become darlings of TH-fav Dwell Magazine, having been featured four times in the past year. TreeHugger sure likes to see companies like this in action; it makes us smile to see such attention to detail given to something as common and ubiquitous as the door. If Neoporte can do this for doors, just imagine what can be done for the world...ahhh. Thanks to Laural for the tip! ::Neoporte Modern Door