Need Some More Room? Add A Hammokum

hammock-buildings on buildings

G10 Design have come up with the Hammokum, an interesting idea for a sort of hammock balcony that clips on to the facade of your apartment. The designers start with a very TreeHugger principle: "Remember: the least you have the freer you are!"

hammock detail image

The designers write:

The Hammokum is specially designed for the "Amsterdammers".
Most of the houses in the dutch capital have no balcony and the high urban density make very scars the availability of an intimate space.

In the hammokum you can sleep, work, read,...or just enjoy the sun and the space around you.

hammock detail.jpg


1. wear the safety belt
2. join the rope at the safety belt
3. connect both ending ropes to left and right external hooks
wall hooks
4. mount the hammock
5. step in and enjoy !

hammokum rules image

The designers do make some sensible safety suggestions that I am certain will be printed all over the thing before it comes to North America. What a clever way of adding a little space to your apartment or giving your child a little fresh air.

g10 design via Designblog

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