Need a Nap? Rent a Sleepbox

sleepbox urban shed arch group photo 1

images by arch group via Dezeen

Ever have a couple of hours to kill between flights or trains? Rose at Dezeen shows us the Sleepbox, from Russian architects Arch Group. They envisage this tiny booth being installed in airports, train stations and shopping centers.They squeeze a lot into what looks like a four foot wide space- a two foot wide bed and a drop-down desk with storage under the bed. It is an interesting exercise in seeing how small a space one can comfortably live in, but one suspects that the opportunity for, um, misuse might keep this idea of the 15 minute hotel room from going mainstream.

sleepbox urban shed arch group photo 2

The architects explain:

SLEEPBOX is a small mobile space (box) 2mx1.4mx2.3m (h). The main functional element in it is a bed 2×0.6 m, which is equipped with automatic system of change of bed linen. Bed is soft, flexible strip of foamed polymer with the surface of the pulp tissue. Tape is rewound from one shaft to another, changing the bed. If a client wants to sleep in maximum comfort, he can take the normal set of bed linen for an extra fee.

sleepbox urban shed arch group photo 3

After the clients exit, automatic change of bed linen starts and quartz lamps turns on. Payment can be made on a shared terminal, which provides the client with an electronic key. It is possible to buy from 15 minutes to several hours.

sleepbox urban shed arch group photo 4

It is sort of an urban shed, a quiet place to get away for work or rest in a busy world. Not much smaller than a room at the Pod Hotel in New York, either. More at Dezeen.

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