Neat Wood Mat Folds Into A Stool, Disappears In The Floor When Done

Wood Mat Folds Into a Stool - Photo

Photos: Courtesy of DosUno Design.

Another product from Colombian studio DosUno Design (whose Rubix transformer furniture set we reviewed yesterday), Deckstool is a simple wood mat that folds into a stool.

Apart from being perfect for small spaces, it's also flat pack and simply produced with few materials.

Folding Deckstool Into a Seating - Photo

Example of the deckstool folding into a seat.

The idea is pretty simple but it would be interesting to explore it for other types of furniture: a mat with broader pieces of wood could make a neat table or desk, and unfold into a flat, thin structure for easy transportation.

As we mentioned in our previous article about them, DosUno Design is a studio based in Bogota, Colombia, run by locally-raised Santiago Restrepo and Israel native Assaf Wexler. You can see other products by them at their website.

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