Natural Gas Will Kill New Urbanism? I Don't Think So

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One has to wonder what Salon was thinking, other than they really want to be the Onion. But if you read the article Brian points us to in Incoming: A Glut of "Natural Gas is Green" Nonsense, you find this howler:

Another casualty of energy abundance is the new urbanism. Because cars and trucks and buses can run on natural gas as well as gasoline and diesel fuel, the proposition that peak oil will soon force people around the world to abandon automobile-centered suburbs and office parks for dense downtowns connected by light rail and inter-city trains can no longer be taken seriously. Deprived of the arguments from depletion, national security and global warming, the campaign to increase urban density and mass transit rests on nothing but a personal taste for expensive downtown living, a taste which the suburban working-class majorities in most developed nations manifestly do not share.

No doubt Joel Kotkin and other apologists for suburbia are firing up their computers over this one, but really, it is a stretch. We have already noted on TreeHugger that a New Study Says Young People Want Apartments, Not Houses; iPhones, Not Cars, Long Commutes Kill People, and where you live makes you fat..

Fuel prices are important, but they are not the only thing that is killing the suburbs. It is just not where people really want to be any more.

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