NARTS - Thinking and Using Twice

We post a heap of new products on TreeHugger. Mainly because they show a different path we can take. Many people are said to be nervous about moving to a ‘greener’ future, fearing they’ll have to give up on the comfortable life, to which they have become accustomed and go live in cave. The bright, shiny new products we showcase indicate this is patently untrue. But an even truer story is that pre-loved goods often provide you with all those material benefits you crave, without the environmental impacts of extracting ever more depleted resources from our already damaged ecosystems. So before plunking down hard earned dough for some blister-packed, shrink-wrapped product, do consider quality second-hand goods. Your wallet/purse and the planet will welcome the favour. And you won’t be the only one doing it. The National Association of Resale & Thrift Shops (NARTS) note that just one US chain of ‘resale’ stores generated $1.2 billion in sales from their 1,900 not-for-profit thrift stores. Look on their website for a list of resale stores near you. ::NARTS