Name That House!

The great set designer Sean Kenny, famous for Oliver!, worked with Lionel Bart again on a true stinker called Blitz!, where one critic loved his work but remarked "nobody ever left the theatre humming the sets"

We were reminded of this while watching the dreadful Elektra on DVD, where we saw this spectacular island home, complete with solar collectors, soaring glass-enclosed spaces, beautiful detailing, Jennifer Garner and lots of knives. Here are a few other screen shots- (click on the pictures for larger views)


nice framing details in the kitchen

not so bad a view from the living room either

Exterior view of the window framing

we would die to dine here.

So, Inquiring minds want to know- Where is it? Who designed it? Has it been published anywhere? First tipster gets added to our draw for a Voltaic Backpack. by [LA]

Note: We doubt it, but it could be just a set. Read How Alfred Hitchcock and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer put a Frank Lloyd Wright house on top of Mount Rushmore in spite of common sense, Frank Lloyd Wright and the United States Government. Sort of. from ::Jetset Modern

Name That House!
We were reminded of this while watching