Name That House: Round 2


Over a year ago we saw this gorgeous house covered with solar collectors on a point over the water in a dreadful DVD (See earlier post and better pictures here) and asked readers to Name That House. We got close, five commenters narrowed it down to British Columbia, but never got a definitive answer. Last night we were watching the Harrison Ford epic Firewall (a bit of a stinker, but as my favourite review said: "Harrison Ford isn't exactly the kind of guy you might envision as a computer expert, but then again he did make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs") and there it is, the same house! Is there only one solar powered cedar marvel in British Columbia, and if so, whose is it? Let us know and there will be a prize.

UPDATE: Sharp-eyed Anne saw it right in the movie description from Rotten Tomatoes: Designed by Brian Hemingway, custom residence in Vancouver. More pictures from Brian Hemingway's website.