Myndology: Disc-Bound Notebooks for Organizational Versatility


Myndology's line of memo pads and notebooks aren't your typical spiral-bound fare: The pages are held together by polypropylene (or aluminum) discs, so you can pull out and reorganize any sheet with ease. You're able to cull unwanted pages after they've served their purpose, as well as add in fresh new sheets, allowing your notebook to evolve with your needs.

The Brussels, Wis.-based company prints its Bare line on acid-free recycled paper, using soy inks, right in its hometown. And, whether you inscribe your thoughts on the 3x4-inch memo pad (blank sheets) or the 6.5x8.5-inch journal (lined sheets)—in your choice of clay, pine, or sand colors—you'll probably never want for another notebook again. ::Myndology