My Local Government is Great!


We were going to do a post on this but then thought "Nah". Tipster Will K has covered all the salient points, let him tell the story. Take it away Will: - "Just thought I'd share the warm treehugging experience I had last night when I got home to my little inner city pad and found a small folded re-useable bag in my mailbox! As it turns out my local council, in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic bags used in it's community are distributing a reusable bag to every household in its constituency :-) It comes folded up in a fairly small block (no packaging, it folds into itself and has a Velcro tab to keep it folded) so it's easy to throw in my backpack or carry around so when I can't fit any more into my backpack it's right there again and again! Why can't all local governments do something like this?" Why, indeed? ::City of Sydney on Plastic Bags