Must Ceiling Fans Be So Fugly? Readers Please Help...

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Ceiling fans may have made it into our top 10 ways to keep your house cool, but boy is it hard to find one that doesn't look like a ridiculously over-ornate blob. True, Collin's batman ceiling fan was pretty awesome, and the sycamore-shaped ceiling fan has a certain something to it, but for a product with such potential to save energy, the ceiling fan could sure do with a makeover if we want it to remain mainstream. Maybe our readers could help...My wife and I have long marveled at the white, eighties ugliness of the ceiling fans that came with our home. They look like there's some kind of alien flying wedding cake levitating in the middle of the room. But, try as we might, we've found very few alternatives that look any better.

Type "ceiling fans" into Google and then search through the top entries or head down to your local hardware store, and you'll most likely see what I mean. It seems that whoever designs ceiling fans seems to think that fake, retro country antique or ultra-modern space age minimalism are the only too directions you can go. (Let's leave out the Jimmy Buffetesque palm leaves and such for now, we don't even need to go there...)

This may just come across as a frustrated rant, but there is a serious sustainability question at stake here. As the rise of local organic food has shown, green will only become popular if it offers a superior experience to the mainstream. Sure, people might not care if their HVAC system out the back of the house looks ugly, but if we are asking folks to hang a gigantic contraption from the center of their living room in order to save energy, we sure as heck should be able to make one that looks good.

But then it hit me. TreeHugger is blessed with wise, sophisticated and tasteful readers, so why not throw out the challenge—surely somebody, somewhere must know of a ceiling fan that doesn't suck. Please share your knowledge in the comments below.

UPDATE: Fellow Treehugger Chris alerted me to Web Urbanist's round up of cool and unusual ceiling fans. With the exception of Fanimation's sophisticated looking fans, however, most of these look like the designer was on drugs. I'm still looking...

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