Muji Has Green Goodies for Mother's Day

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Muji, the Japanese product and design store, is ubiquitous in Europe and almost nowhere in America. It is a Japanese chain selling good quality, simply-designed products with no overt brand markings, and little or no packaging.

This month their shop windows are featuring displays of recycled cardboard picture frames, corrugated cardboard book shelves and recycled glass vases. It's a nice way to remind passers-by, even if they aren't shopping. And Mother's Day is coming up soon....(March 22 in the UK).

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These picture frames are made from 100% recycled paper for the frame part and 100% recycled plastic for the window. They are nice because they are strong and be used either vertically or horizontally. And they come with an envelope and can be mailed to your mother, with your photo inside for Mother's Day...

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The recycled sake vase is hand blown and is made out of recycled glass. Looks good on the table, can be used for flowers, water or stronger stuff

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About half of the materials in this file come from recycled milk cartons and paper cups, collected through local recycling schemes in Japan, the rest is from recycled paper. Nothing is bleached or dyed, so the colours maybe uneven, which makes it look even nicer.

yam carrier

This colourful carrier bag is made out of material from reused yams, there are tee-shirts to match.

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And don't forget the card: made of recycled paper, a pop-up daisy, sure to win her heart. Muji
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