MP3 Player for the Deaf Features LED Light Show

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Images via Yanko Design
This new invention is fascinating on just about every level--it's an mp3 player for the deaf that translates musical notes into nuanced vibrations. Holding the pillow-sized stereo against your chest, one can feel the rhythms, beats, and melodies--allowing the hearing impaired to fully enjoy music for the first time. The experience is fleshed out even more with the innovative use of LED lights that change color and brightness along with the music.

The mp3 player for the deaf, called SOUNZZ, could revolutionize how the deaf experience music--and even give those with hearing an entirely new way to consider music. Yanko Design writes

A common misconception about the hearing impaired is their inability to experience the joy of music. They may not hear and process sound audibly but they certainly can feel it. In fact, studies have shown the sense of touch is heightened allowing them to perceive music in a totally different way. SOUNZZZ is a visual, audio, tactile MP3 player designed for the hearing impaired but universal enough for all to enjoy.


As seen above, the LED light is hooked up to the high range oscillator, and senses the emerging vibrations. It plays an equalized light show along with the music. Light emitting diodes are popping up everywhere these days--they're making their way everywhere from streetlights to tire valve caps to Japanese girls' eyes as a fashion statement. The efficient, incredibly long lasting light is an ideal fit for an invention like this.


It's supposed to be as "soft as a pillow" to boot.


It's a fascinating invention, designed by Sungwoo Park--one certainly worth keeping an eye out for.

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