Move over, coffee pod people; here come the pot pods

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Making coffee is so hard and messy, what with getting the proportions right, spilling coffee grounds everywhere and having to deal with the mess after. And boiling water; that's such a challenge for people. No wonder pod machines like Kuerig and Nespresso caught on so fast; science and engineering take all the muss and fuss out of the process. It is the American way: convenience wins, no matter what the cost.

Using medical marijuana is much the same; all that paraphernalia, the skills needed to roll it, the inconsistency of the product, the mess, the fire risk. That's why we love the idea of CannaKorp's new single-use pod-based marijuana vaporizer system. Inventor Michael Bourque was a big fan of Kuerig and saw the need for a similar system for pot. According to Samantha Cowan of TakePart, he even hired a VP of Kuerig to help bring it to market. Cowan writes:

“There’s really a mainstream audience [of medicinal marijuana consumers] out there that is underserved,” Bourque said. “They want a system that a doctor would approve. They want convenience.” That strive for ease is what led him down the path of a Keurig-like product. But while some associate Keurig coffee pods with convenience; others call them an environmental nightmare.

Indeed, that is our biggest complaint about pod coffee. So Bourque and team opted for aluminum capsules that are totally recyclable. Given the cost of the pot-pod, there might be more of a chance that it actually happens. It also might make sense to put a deposit on them; City sanitation departments might balk at picking them up, and there might be an aftermarket where the contents, as well as the container, might get recycled on the street.

This is not your hippie grandpa's hookah, but designed to make it all respectable and middle class. As James Vincent of the Verge describes it:

CannaCloud Vaporizer System Demonstration Video from Greg James on Vimeo.

Look at the chill mom above. Look how reassuringly affluent she is and how many shades of cream there are in her house. But what's this strange object on the table, next to the dying house plant and abandoned christmas tree decoration? Why, it's the Keurig of Weed Vaporizers, bringing peace of mind to wealthy suburbanites one single-use pod at a time.

Also bringing convenience, consistency, and a lock into a single source supplier, just like the coffee pod people do. This will be big.

Move over, coffee pod people; here come the pot pods
Just what we needed dept. Really.

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