More Than Just Lighting: Lamps by Karo Klipps

Karo Klipps Lighting: Stummer Leuchter and Knicklicht

What would it look like if a lamp met up with a coat rack and had a lovechild? How about a cup holder and a mail holder? German design student Karo Klipps has the answer with "Stummer Leuchter" (above, left) and "Knicklicht," two hybrid objects that allow your everyday floor lamp to do a little more. And you don't have to decide whether to turn on the lights or hang up your jacket.

The thing that strikes us about this is the simplicity with which extra function was added to the design; just a turn here and squiggle there, and the lamps do something totally different. It makes us think: What else in our home is just a slight modification away from having dual functions? It might not beat the lamp/sweeper combination, but we still think this guy would want one. Hit the jump to get up close & personal with the designs. ::Burg-Halle (in German) via ::designklub

Karo Klipps Knicklicht up close

Karo Klipps Stummer Leuchter up close

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