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london flatpack stadium with hemp walls photo

We reported earlier that the London Olympic Stadium was going to be demountable; Now we learn that Treehugger favourite Peter Cook, of Archigram fame , is on the design team with HOK Sport, and a few other details from a planning application:

-the exterior fabric cladding may be hemp. "Sustainable materials, options for the roof and wrap fabrics are currently being investigated," the application states.These include materials using recycled polymer based fabric, hemp and where the polymer based fabric can be recycled after use. Many of these materials could also be re-used after the games for other purposes."

-they are trying to make it as material-efficient as possible. ""The emphasis in the design has been and will continue to be on minimising the quantity of material, whilst still producing the required performance. By designing a lean, compact and lightweight stadium, the amount of materials used, and the associated embodied energy have been significantly reduced."

london stadium detail photo

-It's got shipping container bathrooms! The application also suggests recycled ship containers could be used as internal toilet pods. ::BDOnline and ::Inhabitat

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