More Menorah Madness: Notschlock


On Hanukkah, Jews light candles for eight nights in special candelabras called menorahs. This is a holiday about energy efficiency; how to make one night's worth of oil last eight. Last year we turned up Montreal designer Vertige and his recycled glass menorah; this year we have Notschlock. The Femenorah looks pretty schlocky to me, and is "Constructed of [recycled] PVC pipe and adorned—nay, blinged-out—with genuine Swarovski crystals." Princesses everywhere will love it.


The Manorah, huskily put together out of commercial grade pipe fittings and at 17" wide is probably too heavy for our table. Hook it up to our gas supply and it can probably heat our house as well as celebrate the holiday. Inhabitat showed a similar menorah last year, from Grand Idea Studio.
::Notschlock via ::Great Green Goods