More Hits from the London Design Festival

The London Design Festival is done and dusted, but everyone has their own views on the best of the fest'. Here are a few more entries that are sustainable and impressive. The Best Eco Product Award went to Peter Masters' Final Stand dining room table. The legs are made of recycled wood from ‘TRM’, (timber recycling Manchester) or ‘FSC’ managed timber, and whenever possible then finished with vinegar stain and ‘Tung’ oil which is a natural oil with no toxins. The top is made from 15 per cent recycled glass (a higher proportion isn't flawless). "I want to show that you can make work that is desirable but does not cost the earth, or harm it either" Masters says. It is manufactured in the UK to minimise the need for transport.

Taking the minimal travel concept to its extreme, "Reduce Carbon Footprint Souvenirs" (pictured) show how one could email a virtual souvenir to a friend, using 3D print technology. They could then "print" it out as a solid object. They are doing it in other areas such as furniture production now; so why not. No packaging, no carbon footprint, no jet lag.


Jason Heap's organic Infinity table is sculptural in form. It is made of hand crafted, laminate construction with two layers of American Black Walnut veneer.


And for anyone who might have missed it, Stuart Haygarth's lovely chandelier made out of 4,500 second hand glass spectacle lens, from the Trash Luxe show at Liberty. : Observer

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