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gingerbread architecture cake study house perspective

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Well, it is a stretch to call this green gingerbread, it doesn't have solar panels or turbines or heat pumps, but it is modern, and is even called the Cake Study House in homage to the Case Study houses of the early sixties. It's from Kristina Hahn Atelier, who call it "a study in responsible development" even though it has a two car garage and a sparkling pool.

gingerbread architecture cake study house overview

At least the landscaping is appropriate for the Los Angeles climate, with banana succulents, almond cacti and pepper palm trees. The designer makes a nod to sustainability, noting that "the use of building materials without artificial food coloring are a not to "eco-gingerbread chic."

mini gingerbread house elevation photo

Perhaps more appropriately scaled, and in tune with the DIY movement, (not to mention the tiny house movement and our love of garden sheds) is notmartha's "tiny gingerbread house that perches on the edge of your mug."

mini gingerbread house construction photo

Unlike those architects producing elitist one-offs for rich people, Notmartha provides PDF plans and full instructions for how anyone and everyone can make this- true open-source gingerbread. More power to NotMartha!
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