More from Montreal's EXP08

We showed the Bike Project that starts this video earlier, but a lot of other neat stuff came out of Montreal's UQAM École de Design's year-end show, EXP08. Jacinthe Lemire and Christel Leblanc-Denis built an interesting combination composter/merry-go-round that would be fabulous addition to any family's backyard (put those kids to work!). Elise Vigneault built a Molo-esque paper folding bench; Sophie Ingels-Fortier built an amazing paper clock, complete with escapement and pendulum, that I hope we will see as a downloadable design. My favourite is the Horizontal Eco Dishwasher by Marie-Claude Savard and Marie-Christine Lacasse. No emptying! you just put the dishes in the shelves, the washing unit slides across and then you let them air dry. Less work, less space, less energy. So much talent, so many hyphens.Others in the video:

RAZOR TABLE by Karim Guelmi,
CARDBOARD BED by Mylene Gaudet,
STROLLER KNAPSACK by Marie-Pier Casse + Laurence Cotel,
INFLATABLE INTERACTIVE LIGHT by Jacinthe DeGuire + Marie-Eve Cloutier.

at EXP08 until April 26

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