Mood Lighting for TreeHuggers: Shattered Lights Lamp


Made from broken tempered glass, silicone and lined with LEDs, the Shattered Lights Lamp by designer Ira Rozhavsky puts the impetus to design in the users' hands. The amoeba-like lamp can be bent, folded and molded to your whimsical desires, creating an artful conversation piece that doubles as fun, energy-efficient mood lighting. Plus, it' s proof that silicone isn't just for dry cleaning, sex toys and baking anymore.

Falling into the "greater than the sum of its parts" category, the funky light is remarkable not only for its ability to sip energy, but for the simplicity of its materials; who would've thought that broken glass, a handful of diodes and some silicone could create something so interesting; it definitely earns as many points for design ingenuity as it does for sustainability; hit the jump for more pics. We love lamp. ::Ira Rozhavsky @ Coroflot via ::100% Design and ::G Living



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