Molectra Tyre Recycling — Reverse Alchemy

Yet another little beauty from the New Inventors pot o' gold. I'm going to be brief here, because Molectra can tell their story better than I can paraphrase it. But in a nutshell, their technology can supposedly recover 100% of the resources in a rubber tyre, ranging from "small bicycle, golf buggy and car tyres, up to large truck, tractor and huge earthmoving machinery tyres". The company, which is in the throes of establishing commerical processing plants, suggest that for "a tyre weighing 10-kilograms, Molectra can recover 7.6 kilograms of clean marketable crumb rubber that can be used to manufacture a range of value-added rubber products.  Alternatively, any or all of this crumb rubber can continue through to the end of the process and into the high-temperature vacuum microwave where it is turned into carbon, oil and zinc oxide." More >
On the oil side they suggest about 3.9 litres can be extracted. And, yes, before you ask, they can separate the metal rim bead, plus the sandwiched metal and textile belts, yielding another 2.4 kg of recovered materials. They claim there is no waste or pollution from the process. Considering there are an estimated 1.2 billion waste tyres entering the world market each year (many of which get incinerated), Molectra might just have discovered the alchemists holy grail of turning common materials into gold. ::Molectra, via The New Inventors, once again!