Modular Trashcan and Recycled Toothpastes Washbasin win CEMPRE Award

The centre of Enterprise Commitment with Recycling (CEMPRE, by its Portuguese capitals) announced the winners of the first edition of the CEMPRE '+Design -Waste' award.
The first prize winner was Brazilian designer Adriano Carvalho, who developed a home trashcan to separate solid waste, produced with recycled plastic. Its particularity is its modularity and compact size. It’s a three-in-one structure mounted one on top of the other, so it can be used inside any house or even schools, to promote environmental education (it’s actually already used in two Minas Gerais state schools). The industrial production starts in 2006, and will be available in all Brazil. Second place was for designer Fabíola Bergamo and her washbasin made with metal extracted from recycled toothpaste packages. More information, contact by e-mail at maisdesignmenosresiduo [at] uol [dot] com [dot] br. ::CEMPRE