Modular Love and More Highlights of CO-Design


Courtesy of designklub comes a duo of great designs from the CO-Design exhibition (which we also mentioned yesterday), running right now through July 25 in Denver and featuring the work of Colorado-based designers. First is "Modular Love," a bent-ply piece by designer Erin Mulrooney that uses just one shape (in six identical pieces) to transform from bench to single seat to love! The second piece, from Art with Function (whom we first spotted at this year's HauteGREEN exhibition), is below the fold.


Taking a cue from a very literal translation of their name, Art with Function is debuting a new storage unit called "The Bottom Line" that has a deconstructed, almost subversive feel to it; this is not your mother's bookshelf, for sure. Made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified plywood and screen printed cabinet doors, its odd angles and "explosive" looks give it a cool edge that would really highlight whatever you'd want to store in it. Could Denver be a new hotspot for sustainable design? ::CO-design via ::designklub