Modular Bathroom Tile Designs from Design Glut

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Live from ICFF 2008
Lloyd and I are having a great time checking out the green scene here at ICFF--the International Contemporary Furniture Fair--happening this weekend in New York City. We had a nice chat with Liz Kinnmark of Design Glut--you may remember their clever "Crude" necklace, designed to "celebrate" when oil hit $100 per barrel early this year.

They've added some fun, provocative designs for the Fair this year; the "Hookmakers" are a modular bathroom tile system that replace standard 6"x 6" tiles with a built-in cup, to hold your toothbrush, toothpaste and whatever else you need within arms reach at the bathroom sink.

Hit the jump to see a video of Liz and to get more info on the "Slow Food Trays" that are also part of Design Glut's display here at the show, and find all of our coverage of ICFF 2008 here. ::Design Glut and ::ICFF 2008

slow food tray modular bathroom tile designs icff 2008 photo

An icon for "Slow Food"
Design Glut hopes to rebrand the eponymous plastic TV trays from our youth, to give the Slow Food movement an icon that can help spread their message of mindful eating and slowing down.

slow food tray modular bathroom tile designs icff 2008 photo

Get up close and personal with Hookmakers and stay tuned for much more to come from ICFF. ::Design Glut