Modulab's Recycled Advertising Banners' Bags

Modulab Bag.jpg
These bags, made by Chilean Modulab Studio, are produced with PVC coming from old advertising banners. We could say they're kind of Freitag's idea, but not entirely, as they don't involve the social part, and they recuperate all that plastic used in outdoors advertising. Also, the publicity look gives them a bizarre aesthetic.
Designer Pamela Castro, responsible for the firm, says "at Chile it's kind of complicated to work with recycling, as consumers reduce value to the design work and think that a product built with re utilized materials should have minimum prices", that's why these kind of work in judgmental places is so valuable. The studio also works with accessories from hardware elements, such as nuts and washers. They're working on their website, so you can contact them by E-mail. [by Paula Alvarado, Buenos Aires]
Modulab Bag1.jpg