Modernist Wooden Bike Is Odd, But Compelling

wood bike design photo

Images via Yanko Design

Designer Raffaello Ape has come up with an interesting new wooden bike design, called Giuliano. Labeled as a city bike, Ape has added wood to show "nostalgia towards nature."

wood bike design photo

"The user of Giuliano is a lover of freedom and nature," states the designer. The design is interesting -- a bit bulkier of a frame than one might want in a street bike, yet the modern design is eye-catching.

wood bike design photo

Teak is used for the wooden sections, which is definitely not a choice we would have gone with, since teak is a tropical hardwood and there are some issues with sustainably using this type of wood. However, with a different, more sustainable choice of wood to create the sturdy frame, it could be a very compelling design for green cyclists.

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