Mocoloco Dumps Sustainable Design


Mocoloco's Harry Wakefield can always turn a good phrase; I loved his "Less is the new More" a few years ago. He is at it again with Sustainable is the New Design.While admiring at a healthier, chemical free pool system, he notes that

For me it's an example of how sustainable is now transcending the word "sustainable" and moving into the mainstream with design that now simply appears and functions like any great design, on par or often superior to anything that would kill the planet. We've reached the tipping point; sustainable is now the new design. Here at MoCo Loco we will continue to show all design and we're going to continue to call it just design.


We were thinking along the same lines in our Best of Green: Design + Architecture nod to Tom Kundig, noting that

There shouldn't be any such thing as "green architecture"--it should be built into every building and taken for granted.

We are perhaps finally at the point where we don't need the adjectives, that good design is green and sustainable as a matter of course. It is no longer "sustainable" vs "conventional", it is good vs bad.

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