Mobile, Collapsible Shed That You Can Carry On The Roof Of Your Car

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People keep pushing the limits of small spaces, and tiny houses are a big thing. Modern Mechanix shows us yet another wonderful design from the 1930s, what looks like a complete liveable shed that folds up onto the roof of a car. Turn it upside down and it might give the floating trailer a run for its money.
Boingboing gets all the memes into its headline, calling it a mobile pop-up-flatpack.

From Modern Mechanix:

FEATURING six windows fitted with slid-glass and permanent screens, a newly developed prefabricated collapsible house which can be carried on the roof of an ordinary passenger auto enables sportsmen, fishermen and others who like the outdoors to enjoy short or prolonged trips in perfect comfort. In its compact form the folding house measures only 6x9x2 feet. For protection to the car and to facilitate loading and unloading, a metal frame is used to support the house during transit. The frame can be clamped to the car without drilling and is easily removed. The photos above show the house being transported, unloaded, set-up and used by four persons.


Although I prefer the folding house that looks like pac-man.

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