Mithun Architects' Vertical Farm for Seattle


This evidently won "Best of Show" in the Cascadia Region Green Building Council's Living Building Challenge. It is a "Center for Urban Agriculture," a building, located on a .72-acre site, that includes fields for growing vegetables and grains, greenhouses, rooftop gardens and even a chicken farm." According to CEO Washington, The building also would run completely independent of city water, providing its own drinking water partly by collecting rain via the structure's 31,000-square-foot rooftop rainwater collection area. The water would be treated and recycled on site. And photovoltaic cells would produce nearly 100 percent of the building's electricity.

"Constantly developing creative and challenging ideas is the best way to uncover innovative solutions to today's problems," states CEO Bert Gregory of Mithun in a news release touting the concept.


"And not to worry, potential urban-farm dwellers. Mithun would make room for humans, as well as chickens. The site would provide 318 small studio, one- and two-bedroom affordable apartments (no word on the mitigation of farm smells wafting into your room). The entry level would feature a cafe serving organic foods grown on site. Produce grown at the site would be distributed to local grocers, saving even more energy by reducing transportation miles." ::Washington CEO and ::Cool Hunting

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