Miss Julia: Colorful Cardboard with an Edge


TreeHugger has seen some pretty creative, artful designs that prove that cardboard isn't just for boxes and packing any more; the otto chair, Davidgraas furniture, Light Sleeper and even Bond's Aston Martin DB8 are just a few examples. Add to that list Miss Julia, a Marseille-based graphic artist and designer, who has spent the past few years exploring the multitude of possibilities offered by recycled, recyclable paper product. Using the pliable, lightweight, versatile material, she's created some very fresh, fun designs that have a playful aesthetic without compromising on functionality; being equally interested in graphic design, she's not afraid to give her designs a pop of color or pattern. After the jump: a great bookcase, desk, and a piece inspired by sugar cubes. ::Miss Julia via ::Truc Design and ::MoCo Loco




"Bureau Bis"



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