Miscea: Hands-Free Faucet Delivers Water, Soap, LED Fun


Miscea has introduced their new Sensor Activated Faucet, a pretty fancy little gadget that features lasers (engraved glass), hands-free soap and lotion dispenser and temperature control, and motion-sensitive LEDs and water control. That's all pretty cool, but here's what we like: a potential for a 70% reduction in water use, thanks to the motion-controlled faucet. The touch-free interface, which is designed to do your bidding by sensing your needs (when you put your hands near it), automatically shuts off when you don't need the water -- when you're soaping your hands or brushing your teeth -- so you won't waste a drop. Combine it with a solar-powered water faucet and we'll really have something. Thanks to Nandini for the tip! ::Miscea via ::Bornrich