"Mirror, Mirror" On The Wall: What is the Meaning of Our Manufactured Environment?


Putting "the fun in function and the core in décor", designer Paul Loebach mixes new manufacturing techniques with traditional, "old" (as in, reclaimed) materials to create modern, decorative, occasionally ornate design.

Paul says his work "explores the role of design as a tool for subverting expectations and questioning social values," which is a philosophy we don't encounter much, and is a pretty interesting approach to the stuff that dwells in our world. Says the designer, "I'm through with editing down the world. My work represents a new process of design for the basic purpose of trying to understand the emotive complexity of people, the meaning of our manufactured environment, and its material consequences". Hmm.

To better understand what he's talking about, gaze upon "Mirror, Mirror", a CNC waterjet cut with a beautifully decorative edge, made from reclaimed walnut. By using one cutting operation to produce multiple objects with zero waste, this product is a "playful exploration of how efficient manufacturing processes can provide sustainable design solutions." ::Paul Loebach



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