Mio Introduces Their First Product Service System

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The Salm brothers never cease to amaze TreeHugger. The pair, behind Mio's sustainable designs, are a great example of designers who really get it: how to design with the environment in mind; how to approach green design from a variety of angles; how to execute it with and style. Their Origami table, Nomad System room dividers, Shroom lighting, Soft Bowls, 3D wallpaper and cork flooring tiles are all great examples of each of these, and they've branched out even further.

The "Naked Line," made from formaldehyde-free particle board, is a modular storage system that Mio left without veneers to showcase the natural beauty of the product. We also liked "Loop," their first product service system, which is a wallpaper-like textile that comes with its own envelope, so you can simply and easily mail it back to Mio for replacement if it gets torn or just wears thin. Get the scoop on these and more from Mio in our video tour of the booth below the fold. ::Mio and ::ICFF 2008

We're always happy to see what they've got up their sleeves, and Jaime and Isaac said they've got some really big things that'll be happening soon. Stay tuned. ::Mio


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