Minimalist Table and Stool Reduce a Work Space to Bare Bones Basics


Images Courtesy of Adam Senior

At TreeHugger, we're a little obsessed with work space designs: desks made for standing, sitting, a little of both and even walking. Here's a design from British designer Adam Senior that takes a minimalist approach to the desk. The Ergo Stool & Table reduces the desk to its essence.


Senior, a graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, explains his inspiration:

The design specification was to design a table and stool that was light in weight, aesthetically stimulating, ideal for use with a laptop or PC tablet and useful for both commercial and domestic environments.

The advantages of the Ergo set are it's weight and dimensions. Made of aluminum, it's easy to move. Designed to take up as little room as possible, it can be used in all sorts of situations where space is at a premium. When not in use, it's small enough that it can be easily tucked into a corner.

My main concern is that the desk might be just a bit too small, and may fall prey to the same criticism that plagues the similarly minimalist dining table we featured last week. What if you want to connect a mouse to your computer? Or have a cup of coffee next to you? These problems can be solved by putting another surface nearby, but that sort of defeats the purpose of minimalism, doesn't it?

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