Milliken Magic (Greener) Carpet Ride

You've probably seen Milliken Carpet on the Cleaner and Greener certified list and their campaign to plant trees with a click for the Georgia Arbor Day festivities. Milliken continues with their sustainable practices by carrying out life cycle assessments of their carpet products. Their website says they've, "used Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for years to track upstream and downstream impacts along with inputs and outputs in raw materials and energy to make our products and affiliated processes more sustainable." The company has a No Carpet Landfill Pledge through which they report zero waste to landfill since 1999. They take back your old carpet and evaluate the best options for recycling and recovery: renewal through their product called Earth Square tiles that are 100% post consumer product, donations for charitable reuse, recycling into new products or energy cogeneration of unusable waste components.

Apart from closing the loop at the end-of-life phase they also screen all resources and materials for better alternatives, they operate using Design for the Environment or ecodesign principles, and through their LCA experiences they created their "TractionBack" bio-based, adhesive free installation system. It looks like Milliken is using life cycle assessment to create a better and greener business. You can read more about how they extend their product life cycle here. More on greener carpets and rugs here. Image credit: Milliken Floor Coverings.

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