Milk Jugs Recycled Into Green Toys

When you send the milk jug in your fridge on to the recycler, it’s often the last you’ll think of it. But Green Toys, Inc. is busy recycling them for profit into their line of classic children’s toys. And as they point out on their website, every pound of milk jugs recycled means an energy savings equivalent to 3,000 AAA batteries, three weeks worth of the electricity needed to power a TV or enough to run your laptop for the entire month ahead.

Not to mention the fact that they’ll also provide a great way to teach your kids about the positive benefits of recycling waste products into something fun.

Currently, there’s a tea set, cookware, a beach bucket, and even a gardening kit for kids. And I’m willing to bet that Green Toys will be giving folks like those at SEE Toys and Sprig Toys a run for their money in the eco-toy competition ahead.

via:: Green Toys, Inc.

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