Milan Furniture Fair Day 3: Are Your Bed's Metal Parts Dangerous to Your Health?

riletto bed team 7 photo

Riletto bed by Kai Stania. Photo courtesy of Team 7.

There's light green and there's dark green--and when it comes to large-scale furniture manufacturers, it's usually the former. Unless we are talking about the award-winning Team 7, which we've gushed about before on TreeHugger. This firm's environmental philosophy goes all the way down to the nuts and bolts. Take the new Riletto bed by Kai Stania that launched this week at Salone Internazionale del Mobile. It's made of sustainable lacquer-free European hardwoods and, like all of Team 7's beds, it doesn't contain a drop of metal--just rather beautiful wooden joints which seem both high-tech and reminiscent of a day long gone by. Why? "We avoid Electromagneticfields (EMFs) with just wood components," says Jacob Strobel, Team 7's head of design. So will EMFs floating out from the nails and metal plates in your bed really fry you while you are sleeping?

team 7 wood joints 7 photo

A wooden joint in the Riletto bed. Photo courtesy of Team 7.

Probably not, but we have found evidence that trees do their best to grow around electrical wires. Most talk about EMFs revolves around hairdryers and microwaves, or more recently, hybrids.

team 7 lux chairs

Strobel designed the supremely comfortable and Red Dot award-winning Lux chair that adjusts to the user. Photo courtesy of Team 7.
cubus table team 7 photo

Cubus table by Stephan Titz. Photo courtesy of Team 7.

Either way, these beds--handmade with formaldehyde-free glue and polished with solvent-free oils--are gorgeous. Plus there's more, Strobel explains:

There can be a lot of talk in this industry: But we've been environmentally conscious since the early 1980's, a pioneer in the movement. We have our own saw mill, board production, and manufacturing facilities, all in Austria. With every piece, we minimize material and maximize comfort, experimenting, for example, with materials like regenerated leather from shoe production scraps and biodegradable polymers, a substitute for plastic components.

riletto console team 7 photo

Riletto Console by Kai Stania. Photo courtesy of Team 7.
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