Milan Furniture Fair Day 2: Glowing Inflatable Furniture Made of Recycled Materials

mario bellini inflatable furniture Via Lattea photoMeritalia/Promo image

Photo: via Meritalia

Inflatable furniture, venues, and decorative elements--leagues ahead of that blow-up bed you once spent a terrible night sleep on--seem to be a hot trend for 2009 in Milan, and thanks to how light and easy to ship it is, it comes with a slashed carbon footprint. Glowing inflatable furniture made of recycled materials topped my second day tackling Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

While browsing through some of the downtown showrooms participating in the design festivities, I came across Via Lattea, a luminescent air-filled line by Mario Bellini for Meritalia. Find more after the jump, and check out the sofa made out of Veuve Cliquot Champagne Boxes in Milan Furniture Fair Day 1 and our green product preview slideshow.

mario bellini inflatable furniture Via Lattea photo

Photo: via Meritalia

Fondly dubbed "air ravioli" by Bellini, the line is made of thread formally used to ground electric currents and bags used to transport heavy loads:

The "air ravioli" deriving from the packaging sector, the lightweight stainless steel mesh of the industrial filters, and the materials in recycled fibres used in construction or for the transportation of sugar, grains or stones are extremely low-cost and high-pressure technical materials, which never cease to amaze and impress with their practical and appealing results. A fine example is the strong white fabric with distanced warps and wefts in black carbon threads (originally used as earthing for electrostatic currents), which has produced indestructible and surprisingly elegant padded furniture, reminiscent of that of Chicago gangsters in the Thirties.

mario bellini inflatable furniture Via Lattea photo

Photo: via Meritalia

It's interesting to note that the PR representative I talked had no idea the line was made of recycled materials, and that this factor wasn't a marketing pitch--at least in the showroom. I only stumbled across the information later online. This is not uncommon: In Europe, firms still seem much less likely to laud something as green, when compared to the U.S.

inflatable tent movie photo

Photo: WIJK Cinema Tent via Lambert Kamps

Last night, I also saw an inflatable tent used as a bar by Lambert Kamps, which produces inflatable venues including one for screening movies at the fair, as well as an inflatable bridge.

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