Milan Furniture Fair 2010: Tomato-Powered Light? Wild Light Innovations by D-vision Students

Pola. Photo via On/Off by D-vision

The Pola pendent light addresses the evils of packaging waste. The Styrofoam components that are part of its structure are also used as the packaging material. Like 97% Soap, Pola would not be possible with hot incandescent light bulbs.

Bale. Photo via On/Off by D-vision

The Polyethylene and hay Bale lamp -- which looks like some crab-like creature about to skitter away -- symbolizes "where we stand today, in a world that has covered itself in plastic, but slowly wakes up and remembers its roots."

100% Plastic. Photo via On/Off by D-vision

I really liked 100% Plastic for its dual purpose: It both highlights the extreme wastefulness of manufacturing and provides a solution.

100% Plastic. Photo via On/Off by D-vision

All of the injected material used during production of the polystyrene self-assembly 100% Plastic was used to make the lamp. No manufacturing waste can only be obtained with extreme maximization of material use.

Poly. Photo via On/Off by D-vision

Inspired by the massive amount of plastic found on a factory floor after a day's work, the Poly lamp is made of post-industrial Polyethylene.

Mappa. Photo via On/Off by D-vision

For Mappa, the students combined Milan's metro grid, street network, and building fabric to make a three-dimensional representation of the city in lazer-cut acrylic, "inspired by the idea that cities are built of infostructures, networks, grids, and various layers: social, historical, economical, ecological..."

Perhaps it also symbolizes the multiple layers that need to be approached and integrated to truly make any positive global change.

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