Milan Furniture Fair 2010: Plants that are Lamps, Lamps that are Plants

sparkling pendants milan furniture fair

Pendant lighting in the exhibit "Sparkling, Ecologically Correct 2010." Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

This is my favorite trend so far at the Milan Furniture Fair, Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010: a plant that is a lamp, lamp that is a plant. And I also saw a table that contains a plant. I came across the pendant lighting above at the exhibit "Sparkling, Ecologically Correct 2010." To keep the moss alive, you spritz the pendants with water.

emmanuel gardin krizalid studio milan furniture fair photo

Glass globe lamp by Emmanuel Gardin for Krizalid Studio. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman
Krizalid Studio's Emmanuel Gardin went for more of a terrarium approach -- the glass globe for the lamp (above) becomes a unique lamp shade "after some creative license." Here, cacti surrounds the bulb, flourishing under the light. But he also had another globe light filled with incandescent light bulbs. No longer sold in Europe, the bulbs are a nod to the end of an era.

c2 lampada da terra milan furniture fair

Lampada da Terra by C12. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

With the Lampada da Terra floor lamp by Anita Donnabianco for C12, the plant actually grows over the lamp. To symbolize the importance of the earth, the soil is a necessary part of the lamp -- without it, the lamp would not stand. What would be even better? If the lamp was powered by a solar powered pot, perhaps similar to this one I wrote about ages ago.

c12 milan furniture fair photo

Tavolo Albero by C12. Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

For the Tavolo Albero, also from C12, designer Francesa Casati incorporated the lamp into a table. Intended for city squares, the tables "give the ideal scenery to relax in an oasis atmosphere," says Casati.

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