Milan Furniture Fair 2010: Live Bio-resin Performance by Breaded Escalope (Video)

bE-Studio at Milan 2010

There are plenty of cocktail parties at the Furniture Fair in Milan, but this one was quite different. All the way out in Zona Bovisa we visited the show Meet My Project and were greeted at a bar that served fresh... bioresin products! The 3 designers from Breaded Escalope Design Studio in Vienna were not mixing drinks but small products behind their Shakin' Products Bar. The products were made in the same way as their Original Stool: by shaking and rolling the moulds the bioresin hardens in about 10 minutes and out pops a finished piece.

At Breaded Escalope it is all about the production process. The team makes a social event out of it, and plays on the fact that the people as well as the landscape create together unique products (see video above). No two Original Stools are the same; their shapes depend on the roads, bumps and hits they encounter when the mould is being rolled down the street. It is a bit like a hand-crafted rotation moulding technique, that consumes no energy at all during the production process.


Breaded Escalope Live Performance in Milan. Image by Breaded Escalope.

Here is how it works: A silicon mould inside a hard ball (for the stool) or another hard container (for small objects) is filled with bioresin, which, depending on the movement (rotation), hardens into different shapes each time due to the flexible moulds (image below). This is what the designers call Design Through Performance; manufacturing through interaction and the influence of the surroundings depending on the production site. Sascha Mikel explains:

Seeing the orb rolling down a hill, knowing that inside something evolves by doing so, is capturing; the fact that you can't see anything from outside makes it mysterious. The pattern, the form, the character, all materializes without a chance to intervene; you are merely a spectator. The moment of demoulding is almost like a birth, as you don't know what expect except something unique. You almost can't treat it as a normal piece of furniture; it is a character, an individual. It is neither ugly nor beautiful, it's a personality. Nobody is perfect. Perfect is not a character attribute.

::Breaded Escalope
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