Milan Furniture Fair 2010: Japanese Designer Grows Chandelier Out Of Crystal


We've covered Tokujin Yoshioka's clever furniture before, and now the Japanese designer has unveiled yet another 'slow furniture' piece in anticipation for this year's upcoming Milan Furniture Fair in April. His latest creation is a living chandelier - grown out of crystals.Using a multitude of crystals (and Swarovski no less) floating in a mineral aquarium bath, Yoshioka dynamically and indirectly guides the evolution of the chandelier's spherical form by employing a network of polyester fibres, using music to guide the crystals around the suggested mold. Other than that, there is no interference as the crystals are allowed to slowly cluster and multiply as they please, emerging with what Yoshioka calls "the beauty of coincidence."


Designed as a part of the rather mind-boggling Swarovski Crystal Palace collection, Yoshioka's living crystal chandelier is meant to evoke "a star descended from the sky emitting many rays of light in the space... a star which shines the viewer's heart." Poetic, innovative and alive with sublime light, Yoshioka takes the chandelier to a whole new level.

via Inhabitat
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