Milan 2008: Cappellini's 'Eco Sustainable' Collection


Yesterday Collin, TH's resident design guru, reported that there's been proof at the Salone del Mobile of some high profile design studios taking a greener approach to some of their products. The theme started by the 'One day paper waste' table at Droog,was continued over at another design giant's stand with Stephen Burks' recycled paper tables. While designboom noted ''a lack of seriously minded sustainable products'' we're glad to see that they still managed to find a few gems like the new 'Cappellini Love' collection by Burks.Cool Hunting also picked up on Burks' design and managed to have a chat to him about the idea behind the project. ''It's based on a lot of my work developed over the years in South Africa, Peru, and Mexico, working with non-profits Aid to Artisans and the Nature Conservancy. My goal has been to try to integrate hand techniques with an innovative approach to the structure of the design and then find international distribution. It's business and design; I don't think the two are independent.''

Burks then goes on to describe how the tables were made by artisans in South Africa, ''They're made from bagloads of shredded magazines, mostly old Wallpaper and Domus… I keep the good ones (laughs). There's a paper structure, which is then stuffed with paper; it's a new paper maché technique. And then we use a non-toxic adhesive and hardener for the surface.''

While the 'green' may have been sparse in Milan this year it's great to see a designer such as Stephen Burks, working with his environmental conscience and social conscience, taking stylish but lo-tech ideas to design powerhouses such as Cappellini. We're looking forward to seeing the trickle down effect from this high end eco-luxury furniture to our more affordable outlets.

We've also reported on Stephen Burks work with ethical design producers Artecnica
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